14th Feb 2022 @ 9:51 am

The first shipping container homes have been shipped to La Palma from Galicia, to provide emergency housing for those that had sadly lost their homes to the recent eruption in La Palma.

Photo: Gobcan.

85 shipping container homes have been shipped to La Palma, with three bedrooms each, a kitchen and bathroom.

The new homes are made up of two containers, welded together, that join to form a 60-square-metre module. In total, the cost of the 85 units comes to 5.3 million euros and are expected to arrive in approximately 10 days.

Once the containers have arrived, an assembly team will unload them and move them to an allocated spot in the Los Llanos de Aridane municipality. The team will then form each house by welding two containers together.

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing continues to provide housing for those affected by the eruption.

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