5th Nov 2023 @ 9:24 am

Another shearwater has been rescued in Famara. The bird was discovered by an Englishwoman resident on the island who discovered the injured bird hiding behind flowerpots. It had broken a wing.

This is the time of year when shearwaters make their maiden flights. The young birds are often distracted by lights and crash land in areas where they are easy prey for cats and dogs. The birds launch from cliffs and, once they have landed on flat ground, they find it difficult to get airborne again.

We reported on an earlier discovery of a stranded shearwater last week. In both cases, the Wildlife Recovery Service on Lanzarote was alerted, and the birds will be cared for until they can be safely released.

If you find a shearwater, call 696733177 between 7 am and 10 pm or report to the emergency number on 112. Do not attempt to feed or handle the bird unless it is in danger, in which case it should be gently covered with a blanket and placed in a cardboard box until an expert arrives. 

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