9th Nov 2023 @ 10:14 am

Teguise Ayuntameinto have announced the start of road marking and signage maintenance across the municipality to improve road safety.

The maintenance work will cover traffic signs and road markings in Teguise to meet the demands of the community and ensure a safer environment on the roads and streets.

“Proper signage is key and fundamental to reduce risks and alleviate congestion. We are committed to efficient and safe mobility, where the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors remain our priority”, stated Councilman, Ginés González.

Councilman Eugenio Robayna added that “this initiative seeks greater safety in our streets and more fluid traffic. That is why we will continue working for better road infrastructure through listening to the neighbours and responding with action.”.

In its first phase, road marking works will be carried out in the Caleta Caballo area and around the Tao football pitch – areas that have been selected due to their high levels of traffic.

In response to concerned residents, Teguise Ayuntamiento will move to Mozaga, Tiagua and the Avenida del Golf.

Once work has been completed in Teguise, they will move onto Caleta de Famara, particularly on the Avenida del Marinero and several streets in the area, with the aim of creating more parking spaces for residents and the implementation of one-way roads to reduced traffic congestion.

Teguise Mayor, Olivia Duque, values the work carried out by the two councillors, “we are determined to meet the needs of our citizens by taking an important step to achieve a more sustainable and safer mobility. Our commitment is to create a safer municipality in terms of traffic, and we will continue working tirelessly to achieve it.”.

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