1st Jan 2024 @ 6:00 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the January edition.

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Dear Gazette,

We have been coming to Playa Blanca for around 20 years and have seen it grow in size, however the maintenance does not seem to keep up with development. The walkway in front of the Brisa Marina Restaurant is in a hazardous state of repair. On our second night here this year my wife tripped and bruised her face, shoulder and chin. She was very lucky not to break any bones as she is 78 years old.

Does the local Council not inspect busy areas such as this and arrange for replacement tiles to be laid? Surely this must have been reported many times. We are disappointed at the state of the walkway, even along to the Rubicon Marina it is in a poor state and is very poorly-lit in places.

D & C Fuller

Ed: Sorry to hear about your accident. We haven’t heard news of any renovation plans for the promenade at Playa Blanca, but let’s hope someone takes note of your complaint. It’s not the first we’ve received…


Dear Gazette,

I was really surprised to read that the Playa Blanca public swimming pool had been delayed because of rising fuel prices over heating it.

In 2017, when I was in Calella (near Barcelona), their pool proudly displayed a sign about how its solar panels handled both the heating and the lighting.

So PB is at least a decade behind the times. I’m astonished that its planners or architect didn’t build this in. Even more so today, with “net zero by 2030” only 7 years away.

Richard Flynn

Ed: Heating was one of the reasons we were given almost two years ago, after the Ukraine invasion sent fuel prices soaring. During construction it was claimed that the Playa Blanca sports centre would be 74% powered by renewables, but there are now increasing complaints that it has not opened at all.


Dear Editor,

I love reading your magazine but can never understand why you only mention UD Lanzarote football club. Yaiza have a team in the same division and so now do San Bartolome! It would be great if you could not only report their results but also publish their forthcoming home fixtures as well as those for the Rojillos, please.

Kind regards, Paul.

Ed: The reason we focus on UD Lanzarote is a guy called Ian Lane, who has been reporting on the team regularly and brilliantly for several years. We’d happily consider other sports contributors, and your suggestion of publishing other upcoming fixtures on Lanzarote is a great idea that we’ll start this month.


Dear Editor,

Please could you advise me on this 90 days thing. We have been travelling to and from Lanzarote and now think we have gone over our 90 day in 180 days rule!

Please can you advise me how to calculate.

Regards, Penny Davies

Ed: Rather than trying to explain the Schengen rules, we’d advise looking at one of the 90-day calculators available online. www. visa-calculator.com is just one of several that are offered if you search for “Schengen calculator”.


Dear Editor,

My wife and I have been living in the Canary Islands for more than 30 years, including 8 years in Lanzarote. We were wondering if you might know if there are any British run retirement homes in Lanzarote or indeed, on other islands.

Brian Haskell, Gran Canaria

Ed: Sorry, Brian, but we’re not aware of any specifically British-Run residences on the islands. Age Concern Spain (acespana.org), who work closely with the British embassy and consulates, may be able to offer more advice and help.

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