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Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the February edition.

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Dear Editor,

I noticed a self-service till recently at the Lidl store in Arrecife. and am slightly worried that Lanzarote might soon enter the 21st century, where we’re expected to ring through our own shopping, fill up our own petrol tanks and do everything else ourselves, with precious few savings to make up for it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who values the personal touch that still exists in many parts of Lanzarote life.

Yours, Jane Kerr


Dear Editor,

We live in Costa Teguise and have noted how hazardous the coastal area’s walk/cycle promenade is at the moment. Especially from Playa Roca to Costa Teguise town. No one knows where to walk or cycle!

If only the pink zone in the middle of the prom had the ‘bicycle sign’ painted every 10 meters as they have done at Playa de las Cucharas we’d all feel safer.

Regards, Mary & Alan

ED: That’s a good idea, Mary & Alan. Clearly labelling the bike and disabled pathways would be helpful for many tourists and residents.


Dear Gazette,

We had our doubts about spending Christmas on Lanzarote – we normally come in summer, and worried that we’d miss the festive traditions we’re used to in Britain.

What a lovely surprise it was! Gorgeous weather, a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a real sense of peaceful celebration. We’ll be back!

G & T Collier


1. Plan the journey. Bus maps are available at the bus station. Most of us carry smart phones with the information easily available.

2. The bus driver is not a tourist guide. He is on a very tight schedule. 30 seconds of questions makes the bus and everyone late.

3. Have the correct money ready. You cannot pay by card. CASH only, no higher than a 10 euro note.

4. You ENTER the bus via the front, EXIT by the rear.

5. When in Rome. 2 words go a long way. Hola instead of hello and gracias replacing thanks. If you are buying tickets for more than one person, its not difficult to ask in Spanish. Uno, dos tres, cuatro, cinco por favor (please). The driver greatly appreciates this.

6. You do not need to flag a bus down. If standing by a stop, the driver will not drive on past you. Plus, you look stupid flapping around.

7. Stay seated until the bus stops. If the bell has been pushed, the bus will stop and the driver will wait for everyone to exit. 8. No need to rush to the exit. Perhaps consider that local people need to get to work or are returning home after a long day at work. Like the driver they are on a clock. For most of you on holiday – you are not. Allowing them to exit first is a polite thing to do.

Thank you and happy travels.


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