14th Feb 2023 @ 10:06 am

A recent opinion poll suggests that María Dolores Corujo will retain the presidency of Lanzarote’s Cabildo in the May elections, although with increased problems of forming a ruling majority.

The poll, conducted by the Celeste-Tel company and accessed by Diario de Lanzarote, predicts that Corujo’s Socialists will remain the most-voted party in the Cabildo, although they are forecast to lose one seat.

The Coalición Canaria (CC) are predicted to come second, also with the loss of one seat, while the Partido Popular (PP) will increase their vote, adding another councillor to the four they already have.

Fourth and fifth places will be a close race between Podemos, who are not predicted to increase their two councillors, and Nueva Canarias (NC), who are forecast to increase their vote considerably. Nueva Canarias have been a marginal force on Lanzarote, but have benefitted from a high profile presence as part of the Canarian Government’s ruling pact; and Yaiza Mayor Óscar Noda is expected to present himself as the candidate for the centre-left nationalist party shortly.

The poll predicts the following seats on the Cabildo: Socialists – 8, CC – 7, PP – 5, Podemos – 2 and NC – 1.

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