13th Apr 2023 @ 9:12 am

The PP’s candidate for the Cabildo presidency, Jacobo Medina, has supported the idea of widening the main road from Yaiza to Playa Blanca to a dual carriageway.

Medina said the project would “reduce congestion and put an end to the long lines of vehicles that occasionally form because of the high amount of cars and heavy vehicles.” 

Medina pointed out that Playa Blanca had grown in importance both as a tourist resort and as transport link with Fuerteventura, and said that “we need to guarantee a full and safe mobility.”

The widening of the road is backed by Yaiza Mayor Óscar Noda, who will also be standing for a Cabildo seat in May.

In a recent interview with Gazette Life, Noda claimed the road-widening scheme would also help with pressure from cruise ships, which he hopes will start docking in the southern resort next season.

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