1st Nov 2022 @ 10:32 am

Lanzarote’s Cabildo has joined the condemnation of the destruction of the Palmera Inclinada (leaning palm) in Masdache.

The palm was discovered yesterday, lying on the floor after someone had partially sawn through its trunk.

Jorge Peñas, the Cabildo’s environment councillor, said “This act is crime against the environment and the natural heritage of our island, which we condemn absolutely and which the Cabildo will pursue.”

The palm tree had become an increasingly popular stop on the tourist trail since the rise of Instagram, and although the Cabildo had erected signs requesting people to treat it with respect, it was not protected in any way.

Peñas called the act “arboricide”, and said an investigation would be launched, reminding islanders that such a crime could attract fines ranging from €6,000 to €60,000.

Theories as to why it was destroyed range from sheer wanton vandalism to local residents who wanted to put an end the constant trickle of curious tourists seeking a photo opportunity.

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