14th Aug 2020 @ 10:42 am

Father Stan Evans, Chaplain of the Anglican Church in Lanzarote, is delighted to announce that the church has located a new Chaplaincy House on the Camino de la Cuesta, La Candelaria, Tías. The news is the culmination of a highly eventful few months for the church.

First published in Gazette Life, August 1st 2020.

“The lockdown changed everything,” Stan told us, “On one hand there’s been terrible sadness – I’ve attended funerals, dealt with anxious people without being able to meet them and watched my grandchildren grow up on an iPad.”

“On the other hand, I’ve never been as busy in my life. We’ve made links we could never have dreamt of before, with our online services reaching out all over the world.

The response has been incredible. A lot of this is thanks to Sunny Schwarz, who has really done an amazing job, but everyone is a part of this. The support has been fantastic!”

Now, the church has returned to its Sunday services in Puerto del Carmen, but the new property in Tías will be central to the church’s work. “We’re planning all sorts of regular groups and meetings – walking clubs, book clubs, healing services and much more. The online services will continue- they’re essential now – but it’s important to see people again, in safety and support.”