8th Apr 2020 @ 10:19 am

The “Mascarilla 19” (Mask 19) codeword for reporting gender violence at farmacias (chemist’s shops) has already been used by eight women on the Canaries.

As the lockdown forces many victims of gender violence to share living quarters with their abusers for 24 hours a day, the fears of increased domestic abuse and gender violence have risen. As a result, the Canarian Institute for Equality has reached an agreement with the professional body of farmacias on the Canaries to operate the Mascarilla 19 code for victims of gender violence.

Any woman who asks for “Mask 19” at a chemist’s counter will trigger an emergency response from the assistant, who will call the 112 emergency services discreetly to report a possible case of gender violence.

Sister app

The lockdown restrictions forcing people to leave their homes alone have also raised fears that unaccompanied women may be more vulnerable to attack . As a result, the Sister app, launched last year, has become increasingly popular. The free personal safety app allows women to choose “real time” walk partners, notify friends of departure and arrival, and has deterrent alarm and a “danger button” feature, which allows you to alert contacts and emergency services with one touch.