9th Apr 2022 @ 9:03 am

Lanzarote is now the only major Canary Island classified as low-risk or minimum-risk for Covid under the revised guidelines issued by the Canarian Government.

The government now only publishes the 7- and 14-. day infection rates for those in the over-60 age group (the most vulnerable).  On both of these counts, Lanzarote is currently at low risk – with infection rates at half the level of the Canaries as a whole and below the average for Spain.

The most important figures, and the ones on which decisions are generally based, are hospital occupation figures. Lanzarote Covid ward is currently only 2.5% occupied, while there are no patients in intensive care.

As part of the move towards a new method of monitoring Covid, the Canarian Government has also stopped updating figures on its Grafcan interactive site,  which provided in-depth  statistical analysis of the pandemic.  

The non-government voluntary site, CVCanarias, which provided accurate reports based on the official information in four languages, consequently decided to “freeze” its site, although it will provide updates in its news section.  

Information from the Canarian Government has been constant throughout the pandemic. Despite the occasional glitch, the information collated from seven island health services has been an extremely reliable and useful tool for gauging the progress of the virus, and a model of public transparency. 

We’d like to offer our professional respect and thanks to  everyone who has been involved in this immense task.

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