6th Nov 2023 @ 10:00 am

Lanzarote Socialists have overwhelmingly approved proposals for party leader Pedro Sánchez to form pacts with other parties that will allow the party to lead a national government. 

95% of the island’s Socialists approved possible pacts with the left-wing Sumar party. The vote also gives the green light to Sánchez to negotiate with Catalan separatist parties who are calling for an amnesty in exchange for their support.

The amnesty is a hugely controversial proposal which will mean the lifting of charges and pardons for several Catalan separatists who were involved in the unauthorised Catalonia independence referendum and unilateral declaration of independence of 2017.

Key to any agreement will be the agreement of the Junts party, who are negotiating in Brussels this week. If Sánchez cannot form a government by 27th November, Spain will face a new general election in January.

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