18th Oct 2023 @ 10:32 am

Binter have announced their new AirPass Explorer which allows passengers to explore several Canary Islands in the same trip from just 40 euros per flight.

Binter’s new AirPass Explorer is the perfect options for travellers who wish to visit more than two islands on the same trip and discover the variety of landscapes and experiences offered on each one, all for a special fare of only 40 euros per flight.

Through the website, users can purchase and configure their AirPass Explorer from a minimum of three flights and a maximum of eight flights (the same routes cannot be repeated.)

There is no maximum number of days at which you must stay, but it is necessary that there are at least four nights between the first and last flight and 24 hours between each flight.

The new AirPass Explorer is now available for booking on Binter’s website. More information about the pass is available at this link: https://contenido.bintercanarias.com/airpass

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