25th Dec 2020 @ 10:19 am

This is a year during which we’ve kept our distance but somehow gathered together more than ever before, even when separated by thousands of miles.

At the Gazette, we’ve moved offices; published three magazines online as it would have been illegal to deliver the genuine article; reinforced our online presence, said goodbye to some good friends and welcomed many more new ones. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions.

We’ve learned new phrases such as State of Alarm, PCR test, ERTE scheme and BOE and we’ve explained and shared them, and other news items, every single day. And, though the news has often been dismaying, we’ve never been more aware how many people there are out there in the world who love this crazy, gorgeous little volcanic island in the ocean and cannot wait to return here.

Above all Lanzarote has never let us down – as beautiful and breath-taking as it has always been, from its dramatic volcano country to its well-kept golden beaches, which went weeks without seeing a footprint.

We’d like to thank everyone who has advertised with us, contacted us, read the magazine, clicked our website, popped in for a chat or just given us a like on Facebook. It all adds up, giving us the encouragement and motivation to continue.

And we hope you’re all having the most peaceful, rewarding holiday possible. Happy Christmas to you all.