19th Jan 2024 @ 9:29 am

Calls to the Canarian Emergency Hotline for Victims of Gender Violence increased by 17% in 2023.

1,348 calls were logged from Lanzarote, the highest number after Tenerife and Gran Canaria. 58% of calls were urgent situations requiring immediate action.

In 48% of cases the aggressor was a partner; in 26% an ex-partner; in 18% they were unspecified and in 8% it was a family member.

The director of the service, Ana Brito, said “If there is any sign of violence or doubt, it is best to call 112. In this service there is a team of professionals who offer information and guidance on the thousands of doubts or worries that a woman suffers when she is feeling threatened in her own home. There is no need to file a complaint in court to receive protection through emergency procedures – there is no such thing as minor violence, and no matter how much regret the abuser expresses, experience tells us that they always reoffend.”

Brito also urged family, friends, neighbours, or anyone who witnesses a violent situation to alerts 112.

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