18th Mar 2023 @ 10:17 am

The Cabildo’s councillor for Public Works, Alfredo Mendoza, admitted that the LZ -702 road leading up to Femes is “difficult and very old”, after an incident in which a car flipped over on the notorious hairpin bends.

 No one was seriously hurt in the accident , but it has once again focused  attention on one of the least adequate roads on the island, which is used by thousands of  vehicles every week.

Apart from a handful of residents and visitors to Femes, the road is mostly used by cars that wish to avoid getting caught up behind heavier vehicles that take the main LZ-2 road via Yaiza and Janubio. Some claim it is a short-cut, and it is common to see cars travelling at high speeds on the stretch between the Maciot roundabout and Playa Blanca. 

Mendoza said that technical experts from the Canarian Government were already assessing possible solutions, that would have to take into account impact on the landsscape as well as road safety.   

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