7th Feb 2024 @ 8:45 am

The Canarian Government have planned tests for sending out emergency alerts to mobile phones in the Canary Islands, starting with an alert in Fuerteventura that could also alert Yaiza residents. Yaiza Ayuntamiento have reminded its residents that this alert is just a test and not to be taken seriously.

A test mobile alert will be issued this Friday, February 9th, in Fuerteventura as part of the Canarian Government’s tests of their emergency alert system.

Although it will be issued for Fuerteventura on Friday, Yaiza Ayuntamiento have reminded its residents that it may cause alerts on phones in the municipality and that the alert is not a cause for concern as it is merely a test.

The alert will be issued between 10am – 12 noon on Friday – it is a single message and will only be received once.

The system has been put in place by the Canarian Government as a safety measure in the event of catastrophe or emergencies such as fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, meteorological phenomena, among others, without the need for residents to install an application on their phone to receive them.

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