2nd Nov 2022 @ 11:08 am

Yesterday, San Bartolomé residents woke up to see their tyres punctured.

Some residents got in contact with the Facebook page Isla Sin Corrupción to explain.

“We need the residents on calle Constitución [in San Bartolomé] to listen to us. We are tired of these situations constantly occurring, and they don’t listen to us.

Every night, on the street in front of parque Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente, a group of young people are there making noise and we keep quiet.

When it’s the village fiestas, we have to put up with them urinating on our property, the unbearable noise every day of the fiestas, people out until 4 in the morning… and we keep quiet!

And the police do nothing, but then if we want to use our cars during the fiestas it’s an issue for us.

And now, this is the last straw. We wake up on November 1st to find our wheels punctured. In total 11 cars in our street and more cars on the colegio Ajei street.

We need to be listened to and helped. It is unbearable to live like this. We need solutions now!”

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