9th Apr 2023 @ 9:21 am

An opinion poll has predicted a hung parliament followiung the Canarian Governemtn elections in May. Opposing blocs of parties are predicted to tie, each winning  35 seats of the 70-seat legislature.

Electomania’s survey indicates that the Socialist Party led by Ángel Victor Torres will win the majority of votes with 29.8% of the vote, although this will be not be enough to gain an absolute majority.

Votes for parties currently supporting Torres in the 2019 “Pact of the Flowers” (pictured above)  will also not permit a majority, according to the poll.

However, the main opposition parties of the PP and the Coalición Canaria may also fall just short of winning enough seats to permit them to govern in a pact.

The deciding member of any pact could be the Socialist Group of La Gomera, whose predicted three seats could decide the composition of a post-electoral pact.

The poll indicates how important the small islands can be to forming a government. Lanzarote, for example, sends eight members to the Canarian Government – more than half of the 15 seats that are allotted to Tenerife, despite the fact that  Tenerife’s population is almost six times greater than Lanzarote’s.

In the case of La Gomera, each seat represents around 7,000 people, while on Tenerife there are 62,000 people for each seat in the Canarian Government.

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