9th Apr 2023 @ 9:20 am

The presence of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish has been reported at Famara beach for the first time in several months. Although the jellyfish are not plentiful, beach users are advised to taker care when entering ther water or walking barefoot, as they can cause painful stings.

However, no jellyfish have been reported on the popular tourist beaches  in Lanzareote’s resorts.

Sail jellyfish such as the Portuguese Men of War and  the smaller, deep blue By-The-Wind Sailor (which is much less harmful to humans) occasionally arrive on the northern coasts of the island, borne by the wind. They are very rarelt seen on southern coasts

Another jellyfish, the Mauve Stinger, which travels with ocean currents,  is occasionally encountered in large numbers off the southern shores of the island. This jellyfish can cause an extremely painful sting (as the Gazette knows only too well). However, it has been more than three years since significant numbers have been seen here.  

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