29th Jan 2022 @ 11:12 am

The Canarian Health Service (SCS) has set up a website allowing residents to register positive results of DIY Covid tests and request medical assistance or sick notes.

After early supply problems, DIY tests are now available from all farmacias (chemists’ shops) for a couple of Euros, and are increasingly being used by individuals and businesses to monitor their state of health.

However, those who have tested positive have often faced frustrating waits to get through to the Covid helpline on 900 112 061 because of the avalanche of cases in recent weeks.

Yesterday, the SCS launched www.miautotestcovid.com, which will allow residents to report positive tests.

The website requires you to enter your health card number, the security number on the health card (CSV) and a mobile phone number. You’ll also be required to declare whether you have symptoms and whether you require authorisation for sick leave.

The submission will then be evaluated and, if you fulfil the requirements for sick leave, you’ll be given an appointment with the team of doctors responsible for issuing sick notes for mild cases. If the requirements aren’t fulfilled, follow -up enquiries will be made.

The website is not to be used for negative test results, and if your symptoms are serious (high fever of more than 39 C for three days, breathing difficulties or chest pain) you are advised to call the emergency helpline on 112.

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