16th Sep 2022 @ 11:42 am

More than 50,000 residents and tourists enjoyed the 33rd edition of the Mancha Blanca Crafts Fair, which has been described by the Cabildo as a “resounding success.”.

The 33rd edition of the Mancha Blanca Crafts Fair was fantastic; we visited the opening last week for an upcoming feature in the October edition of the magazine.

The Cabildo President, María Dolores Corujo, stated that “the great participation and running of the event has exceeded even our expectations”, “the novelties this year have served to increase the quality of the Fair and attract more visitors. The resounding success is due to the joint work of the different institutions and members that collaborated to make something great.”.

Corujo thanked “every hand that has worked to make this possible and we look forward to next year with enthusiasm and excitement to continue bringing the best craftsmanship to Lanzarote, so that the sector continues to grow.”.

In addition to the 50,000 Fair visitors, the workshops were sold out as soon as they had been announced. Musical performances by local Canarian groups, as well as stars such as India Martínez and Melendi welcomed tens of thousands of people to Mancha Blanca.

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