1st Apr 2022 @ 8:12 am

With the arrival of the social bee workshop in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote residents and tourists can now enjoy fun and practical craft classes in a gorgeous location.

After an unpleasant work experience at the beginning of the lockdown, Areti Mallidou decided she wanted to be her own boss. Areti is half Greek – half English and speaks both languages perfectly, courtesy of her Yorkshire mum; and it was her experience studying fashion design and setting up her own fashion studio in Greece that eventually led to the idea of the Social Bee Workshop.

“I realised that the lockdown and the restrictions had been rough for everybody, and that face-to-face relationships and the need for expressing oneself through creativity became more important than ever. That’s why I decided to offer people a space to socialise and create” she smiles.

The space is upstairs in the Costa Luz Shopping Centre (above the Bookswop), across the road from the San Antonio hotel. “When I laid eyes on the premises I just knew it was the perfect place to start the Social Bee Workshop”, she said, and you can see why. It’s a lovely, welcoming space, fragrantly scented and beautifully decorated, and we can feel our creative juices start to flow as soon as we enter.

Areti runs craft workshops several times a week at her premises, and current sessions offer people the chance to try out various types of crafts, such as sewing classes, string art creations, useful fabric door stops, tufted bed headboards, embroidery, cushion covers, table runners and air-dry clay trinkets.

Areti is also planning to introduce sessions in macrame, crochet, jewellery making, basic fashion patterns, punch needle and candlemaking, and she’s also excited about the prospect of holding creative sessions for children and setting up seasonal craft workshops such as Easter and Christmas decorations.

Apart from running the workshop, Areti also makes custom-made fabric headboards. So if you feel like redecorating your bedroom you can count on her to make you a personalised 100% handmade headboard that will suit your style perfectly!

Areti is keen to extend the range of what the Social Bee Workshop offer and is interested in speaking to other craftspeople who can collaborate on specific crafts and activities.

The Social Bee idea is already catching on fast, with several regulars already meeting up at the Workshop. That’s because the initial aim is still the most important: “This is a social space before anything else,” says Areti. “I want people to come here, chat, laugh, make friends and in the meantime create their own lovely and useful handmade creations.”

For all enquiries, schedules & information see Social Bee Workshop’s Facebook page or call (or WhatsApp) +34 601 301 329, you can find the Social Bee Workshop inside the Costa Luz Shopping Centre, 1st floor, above the Bookswop in Puerto del Carmen.

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