31st Oct 2022 @ 9:50 am

Spain’s official bulletin, which establishes the laws of the land, has confirmed that the clocks will continue to go forward in spring and back in autumn until at least autumn 2026.

This has been confirmed following the failure of negotiations to place Spain on permanent winter hours. The National Commission for the Rationalisation of Spanish Time has been campaigning for Spanish time to more accurately reflect the passage of the sun overhead, but the government has so far failed to heed its recommendations.

In Spain, summertime hours were introduced in the 1970s to save energy during the oil crisis.

In winter, the Canaries are on GMT, one hour less (“una hora menos”) than Spain’s CET (Central European Time).

They share this time zone with the UK, Ireland, Portugal and most West African countries. The reliance of the islands on tourism and changing lifestyle patterns may explain why there have been no campaigns to change the hours on the islands.

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