28th Dec 2022 @ 6:33 pm

When people talk about Canarian food and drink, they’re not always referring to fresh fish, gofio and local wine. Several Canarian companies produce mass market products that are well-known to everyone on the islands. Here are a few of them…

Photo: Firgas in Gran Canaria is famed for its waters.


Arehucas rum is distilled on Gran Canaria and is an essential element of any celebration. Other brands, such as Artemi and Cocal are also popular, but Arehucas is the oldest and the best-seller. It’s available in dark and white varieties, of various vintages, and also makes the sweet, local favourite, honey rum.


The huge rivalry between these two brands masks the fact that they’re now both owned and brewed by the same company. However, Tropical’s roots are in Gran Canaria, symbolised by a dog, while Dorada’s are in Tenerife, with Mount Teide on every bottle.

There are other Canarian beers: Reina is a dry Pils that occupies third spot in sales, while Lanzarote now has three different local craft brewers: Nao in Arrecife, Malpeis in Tinajo and Los Aljibes in Tahiche.


Clipper is the only major Canarian soft drink manufacturer, and has been operating since 1956 from Gran Canaria. It’s drinks come in orange, lemon and apple flavour, but for some reason it’s the strawberry version that has become a symbol of the islands and a homecoming favourite for young Canarians. In an online poll in 2020 the drink beat Fanta Naranja as “best soft drink in the world”.


These small chocolate wafer bars are regularly voted the favourite sweet snack on the islands, beating international contenders such as Kit-Kat. One of the reasons for their popularity is the fact that the Canarian airline Binter has given one to every passenger for several years.


No mineral water has been produced on Lanzarote since the desalination plant stopped producing Chafaríz several years ago. Instead, Firgas is probably the most popular Canarian mineral water, bottled in the beautiful Gran Canarian village of Firgas, whose natural springs have been famed for over a century.

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