24th Feb 2024 @ 9:22 am

Lanzarote’s Cabildo yesterday approved a motion opposing the establishment of a “macrocentre” for newly-arrived immigrants in Gúime or any other part of Lanzarote.

The motion was passed with the votes of the Coalición Canaria (CC) and Partido Popular (PP) and opposed by the Socialists. Óscar Noda of the United for Yaiza party abstained.

One of the main complaints of opponents of the proposed centre is the lack of information provided by the Spanish Government. Although preliminary works have been carried out at El Polvorín, the central government has not confirmed whether the site will be the location of a centre for immigrants, nor stated exactly what type of centre is planned.

Lack of reliable information was one of the main complaints at a non-political demonstration organised by Güime residents which took place at the El Polvorín zone on Tuesday.

San Bartolomé’s Socialist Mayor Isidro Pérez, meanwhile, has repeated that there will be no centre at El Polvorín, and criticised politicians who attended the demonstration for “making political capital out of immigration.”

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