1st Jul 2023 @ 8:46 am

60% of tourists who arrived on Lanzarote in the first five months of 2023 May were British, according to the Canarian institute of Statistics.

The total amount of tourists was 1,097,214, of which 606,666 were British.  They were foll,owed by the Irish, with 125,923 visitors, the Germans with  119,540  and 83,231 French tourists.

The figures suggest that misleading press reports earlier this year that falsely claimed that Lanzarote did not want British tourists appear to have had no effect whatsover on the popularity of the island.

However, they also show that Lanzarote’s reliance on British tourism only appears to be increasing, and the island’s goal of diversifying source markets is not only failing, but reversing.  British tourists have provided around 50% of the island’s tourists for several years, but a rise to 60% makes Lanzarote even more vulnerable to unforeseeable developments in the UK market, such as airline closures, recessions etc.

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