22nd Feb 2024 @ 1:20 pm

Yaiza Ayuntamiento have announced that Aldi are looking to open a new supermarket in Playa Blanca in an unused plot of land at the entrance to the town from Femes.

Yaiza Ayuntamiento have approved a study for the joining of two long unused plots, at the edge of Playa Blanca on the road leading up to Femes, proposed by Aldi for the construction of a new supermarket.

Mayor of Yaiza, Óscar Noda, stated “this is good news for consumers because there will be more price competition and also because the construction project, opposite the Marcastell urbanisation, will regenerate a large area that is now in disuse”.

Aldi would like to group the two unused plots to create a combined area of 23,000 m².

The new Aldi will be in addition to the new Lidl supermarket, which is currently being developed in the industrial area of Playa Blanca. Noda stresses that “private investment is growing in our municipality, there is generation of new jobs in Yaiza, being the municipality with the lowest unemployment among the most populated of Lanzarote, with 619 job seekers at the end of January, our residents will have more alternatives of choice when buying consumer goods and residents of Costa Papagayo and its surroundings will have an additional service at hand”.

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