4th Sep 2023 @ 11:37 am

Bike Sensations tour guide Michael led a group of cyclists on the Omar Sharif E-bike tour. Check out some of the places they cycled to and pictures from the tour.

The “Omar Sharif Tour” will take cyclists to various places across Lanzarote and is suitable for all levels of cycling. During the tour you will see the capital Arrecife, Teguise, Monumento al Campesino, La Geria and, best of all, the famous LagoMar museum.

Located in the Nazaret hillside, LagOmar first opened in 1997 and is now a museum, art gallery, bar, and restaurant.

The legend goes that film star Omar Sharif came to Lanzarote in the early 70s, fell in love with this gorgeous dwelling set into the side of a volcano, bought it and promptly lost it in a game of bridge.

Envisioned by Manrique and designed by his right-hand man, Jesús Soto, LagOmar is still stunning, a spaceage honeycomb of tunnels, caves and stairways adorned with the humorous scrap metal sculptures of Mick Gonnel. It’s a museum, art gallery, bar, and restaurant, but most of all it’s a place you’ll never forget – one of those slivers of paradise on earth.

Check out some pictures from the tour:

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