29th Mar 2023 @ 10:07 am

The Zonzamas Complex received over 80,000 tonnes of waste in 2021.

According to Lanzarote’s Centro de Datos (Data Centre), the Zomzamas landfill received a total of 85,160 tonnes of waste in 2021. The waste produced by each municipality is as follows: Arrecife (29%), Tías (18%), Teguise (17%), Yaiza (17%), San Bartolomé (10%), Tinajo (5%) and Haría (4%).

The percentage of increased waste in each municipality compared to the year previous is as follows: Tinajo (+63%), Haría (+37%), Yaiza (+28.7%), Tías (+25%), Teguise (+22%) and Arrecife (+12%).

It’s important to note that Arrecife’s population accounts for 40% of the island, Teguise 15%, Tías 13.5%, and Yaiza 10.8%. San Bartolomé has a larger population than Yaiza (12.16%), yet the municipality recorded a lower percentage of waste in the landfill.

Additionally, over 9,000 tonnes of waste were disposed in recycling bins by residents. The most recycled items were glass (3,940 tonnes), paper and cardboard (3,051 tonnes), followed by packaging (2,228 tonnes.)

You can read the full report here: https://www.datosdelanzarote.com/item/recogida-de-residuos-domesticos-y-otros-asimilables-en-lanzarote-segun-mes-y-municipio-evolucion-anual

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