Covid-19 Daily Report & Figures

Daily updated Covid-19 figures. Updated: 27/02/2020 at 19:57pm.

Vaccine passports “in time for summer”

A “vaccination passport allowing international travel will be ready “in time for summer”, according to Angela Merkel, and “within three months”, according to EU Commissioner Ursula van der Leyen following Thursday’s virtual summit of EU leaders.

Bad luck keeps Lanzarote in Level 4

Lanzarote will remain in Level 4 until March 4th, despite its excellent recent progress, after the island's Covid figures took a turn for the worse that was almost immediately rectified.

Vaccine Record

Lanzarote vaccinated the highest amount of residents in a single day yesterday, administering 1,067 jabs across the island.

Cautious hopes for tourism’s return

As Lanzarote and the Canaries improve their Covid figures, there is renewed talk of a return of tourism. Nevertheless, travel bans and lockdowns throughout Europe are likely to mean that the resorts will remain quiet for months to come.

The magic numbers

Each day , the new figures for Covid cases are released, but how many cases should we be seeing each day to go down through the levels?