Local elections: the parties

Here's a brief guide to the parties standing in the local elections on Sunday:

Parador appeal

The Cabildo is appealing for photos of the old parador building in Arrecife.

English Cinema – Guardian of the Galaxy 3

Today, the cinema in Arrecife will be showing “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” in original English.

Visiting the Flower Power garden centre

Since 2006 the team at Flower Power have been offering advice on all aspects of your garden. Their garden centre has everything you need to breathe life into your garden or to start anew.

Elections get dirty

A notably civilised election campaign has taken a turn for the worse in the last few days, with Cabildo President María Dolores Corujo announcing legal action against a local publication and responding to allegations that she has lost her licence for drunk driving.

How to vote in local elections

If you're registered to vote in the local elections on Sunday, you've probably already received a bunch of electoral leaflets in the post. Here's what to do with them.

Canary Day Events 2023

There will be several events taking place in the next few days to celebrate Canary Islands Day. Here are the events taking place in Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.

The best time to sell is now

Selling your house can mean starting a new life: let Lanzarote Investments be your life-changers and have your house sold in no time!

Timanfaya acquire new buses

Three of the six new Mercedes buses purchased by the CACT have arrived on Lanzarote which, according to the CACT, is the first step towards ending the long queues at Timanfaya.