Lanzarote faces stricter measures as Covid cases soar

As Lanzarote recorded a record daily total of Covid-19 infections yesterday, Cabildo president María Dolores Corujo warned “the figures are much more worrying than they were in summer.”

“The third wave is here”

The director of health services on Lanzarote has said that Lanzarote is now experiencing the “third wave” of the coronavirus and that if it behaves like the second wave “we have three or four weeks to ride it through.

La Graciosa outbreak

La Graciosa has become the Canary Island with the highest infection rate after a recent outbreak of three cases on the island. The island’s official of population of 734 means that the island has a rate of 408 per 100,000 people.

New squatting judgement

Second-home owners will now find it easier to eject squatters after a Supreme Court recently redefined the concept of residence to include these properties.

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Rainbow season

While storm Filomena caused floods on the western Canaries and has brought the heaviest snowfall in years to Madrid, Lanzarote escaped relatively lightly. The island can now relax and enjoy the results of the good soaking that the island has needed for so long.