Covid bar passports rejected

Spain's Health Minister Carolina Darías yesterday announced that her ministry would not support “Covid passport” schemes for bars and restaurants, and reminded Spain's regions that vaccination “is not obligatory” .

No more curfews

There will be no new curfews in the Canaries after Spain's highest court rejected the Canarian Government's appeal to permit the measure yesterday.

How soon is soon?

A widely-circulated article in yesterday’s Guardian was amended after it claimed that quarantine for Britons vaccinated abroad was to be dropped in August. In fact, for the vast majority of Britons abroad, that change will only happen sometime “soon”.

Target achieved

Spain has achieved its goal of fully vaccinating 25 million people by the end of the fourth week of July. This means that 52.8% of the population have now received two doses of vaccine.

Sunday News Roundup

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Ray goes for Gold

Lanzarote athlete Ray Zapata will compete in the gymnastics final of the Tokyo Olympics on August 1st, after coming fourth in the qualifying rounds.