Cautious hopes for tourism’s return

As Lanzarote and the Canaries improve their Covid figures, there is renewed talk of a return of tourism. Nevertheless, travel bans and lockdowns throughout Europe are likely to mean that the resorts will remain quiet for months to come.

The magic numbers

Each day , the new figures for Covid cases are released, but how many cases should we be seeing each day to go down through the levels?

New carpark for Puerto del Carmen

Parking problems in Puerto del Carmen will hopefully be eased by the Cabildo's approval of the conversion of Tias's old vehicle pound into a public carpark.

Sunday News Roundup

New Sunday weekly roundup! A rundown of everything that has happened during week that you need to know; written in a brief and easy to understand format.

Lanzarote on the mend

Lanzarote’s Covid figures are tumbling fast and if things continue as they are, the island is likely to receive its reward on Friday, with a return to Level 3 measures.

Party judge admits guilt

A magistrate who was caught at an illegal party in Puerto Calero had admitted his involvement, but claims that reports of the incident have been exaggerated.

Level 4 for a few days more

Canarian president Angel Victor Torres has admitted that he sees it “difficult” for Lanzarote to leave Level 4 restrictions this weekend. Julio Pérez, the Canarian Government’s spokesmen, also announced that “we cannot see any changes that will permit a change of level on Lanzarote.”

Beaches are safe

A senior British health adviser yesterday told a committee of UK MPs that there was “very little evidence” of Covid-19 transmission outdoors, and none at all to suggest that transmission had ever occurred on beaches.

The Earth Moves

The appearance of a sinkhole near Los Hervideros and a landslide on the cliffs of Famara serve as a reminder of the constantly shifting nature of Lanzarote's geology.

Spain exits the third wave

It is now clear that Spain, the Canaries and Lanzarote have all passed the peak of the third wave of Covid infections that was caused by the Christmas holidays.