Lanzarote garden solar lights

Garden solar lights can bring your outdoor space to life, adding that finishing touch to your garden that ties it all together – it can also provide extra security at night. Take a look at some of Flower Power’s installation examples:

Plaza Pedro Alcántara refurbishment enters final stage

After an investment from the Arrecife Ayuntamiento of 300,000 euros, to carry out a profound transformation of the Plaza Pedro Alcántara, the refurbishment is entering the final stages.

Arrecife launches walks for the elderly

The Arrecife Ayuntamiento have announced a new programme for the elderly residents of the city, which promotes healthy exercise and social activities.

Dog park improvements in Playa Blanca

This Wednesday, the Yaiza Ayuntamiento have completed the construction of a pathed pathway to access the dog park in Playa Blanca.

Loquillo comes to Puerto del Carmen

Tomorrow the Rock n' Roll artist Loquillo will arrive in Puerto del Carmen to perform in the Plaza del Varadero at 10pm.

Drifting tourists rescued in Puerto del Carmen

Yesterday, a pair of tourists had found themselves drifting a kilometre from the Puerto del Carmen coast on a float.

New playground in Argana Alta progressing fast

The new 450,000-euro playground in Argana Alta is progressing fast and, when completed, will be the largest open-air playground/outdoor fitness area in the city.

Yaiza register three projects for 1.4 million euros

The Mayor of Yaiza, Óscar Noda, confirmed this Tuesday that the Ayuntamiento have submitted three municipal projects totalling 1.4 million euros to the Lanzarote Cabildo.

Cuba comes to Arrecife

For nine hours straight, Cuban music will be played live in the Charco de San Ginés as the Fiestas de San Ginés kicks off this weekend.

Special bus service for San Roque celebrations

The Cabildo have organised a special bus service for the upcoming San Roque festivities on Monday, August 15th.