Playa Honda Fiestas

The weekend fiestas in Playa Honda begin today, with several events taking place over the following days.

Cabildo extends Papagayo Camping Area open period

The Lanzarote Cabildo have extended the time in which the Papagayo Camping Area will be open, now open until October 1st.

PP denounce lack of rubbish solution

Partido Popular members, Juan Monzón and Guayo Rodríguez, have once again denounced the rubbish collection service in Playa Blanca stating that it has been a week since rubbish has been collected in many streets.

Island holiday today

Today is the Dia de Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes (The Day of Our Lady of the Volcanoes), the annual holiday in honour of Lanzarote's patron.

Mourning for Mayor

Arrecife has declared three days of official mourning for ex-Mayor José María Espino, who died yesterday at the age of 88.

La Graciosa visitor limit

Socialist councillors on Lanzarote's Cabildo have proposed a daily limit on visitors to la Graciosa.

Decorando Lanzarote

The Flower Power garden centre specialise in outdoor plants and gardens, but if you’re looking for interior decorations then their Decorando centre is the shop for you (specialised in indoor plants, stylist pots, baskets and more.)

More rubbish bin fires in Uga

Five rubbish bins have been set on fire and destroyed in Uga this morning.

Gambling hall ram-raid

A gambling hall in Arrecife was ram-raided in the early hours of Monday morning.

Dimás Martín corruption trial

Dimás Martín, the ex-leader of the PIL political party, has confessed that he received a bribe of €72,000 from waste disposal company Urbaser in order to win the waste contract for Arrecife in 2002.