12th Oct 2023 @ 9:05 am

The Canarian Health Service (CSC) is launching its annual flu vaccine campaign next week and has recommended members of the public it advises to obtain jabs against flu and Covid 19. 

The aim of the campaign is to protect vulnerable groups in society and prevent double infection from flu and Covid. This will “reduce the seriousness of the illness and ease pressure on the health services” according to José Díaz-Flores, head of the CSC.

The jabs will be available at health centres from next Monday. They are voluntary, and those interested in receiving vaccines should request an appointment from their health centre. 

Flu and Covid jabs are recommended for the following groups:

  • The over-60s
  • Anyone over the age of five resident in an institution (children’s home, old age residence, etc)
  • People under 60 who suffer from: diabetes, severe obesity, heart conditions and respiratory illnesses, kidney conditions, blood conditions such as anaemia or haemophilia, asplenia or severe splenic dysfunction, liver disease, chronic alcoholism, neuromuscular diseases, immunodeficiency, cancer, celiac disease. chronic inflammatory disease and those suffering from cognitive impairment, such as Downs syndrome, dementia etc.
  • Pregnant women and women who have given birth in the last six months.
  • Those living with highly vulnerable people (sick or aged).
  • People who work in health centres (public and private), chemist.
  • Essential services: police, firemen, armed forces, civil protection.

In addition, the flu jab is recommended for:

  • Children between the ages of 6 months to five years.
  • Smokers
  • Medical and sanitary students.
  • People who work with livestock, poultry, or wild animals.

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