19th Oct 2022 @ 8:51 am

César Manrique’s gleaming Fobos sculpture has been removed from the roundabout at Tahiche for repairs.

According to the Cabildo’s councillor for Public Works, Alfred Mendoza, one of the bearings on the three-ton “wind toy” was damaged by winds, and the situation was getting worse, causing potential risk.

The sculpture has been removed to the Parque Movíl near the Police Station for repairs, which will take “a few weeks”.

The Fobos statue is a stainless steel replica of the original work, which was constructed from galvanised steel and painted grey. The original was removed in 2016 and the replica was not erected until the lockdown of 2020.

The sculpture usually stands on the roundabout where its creator lost his life in a car accident 30 years ago.

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