20th Feb 2020 @ 10:18 am

Teguise Ayuntamiento has removed around 50 of the electric scooters owned by then German Wind company from public roads and pavements.

The council said it had done so because the scooters fail to comply with laws relating to citizens’ safety and co-existence.

A statement by Teguise local police chief Miguel Ángel Jiménez seems to indicate that the main problem was not the dangerous driving of the scooters, but the fact that abandoned scooters were obstructing public spaces He said “Whenever there is danger or serious disturbances to the movement of vehicles and/or pedestrians…or unauthorised business is carried out with vehicles parked on the sidewalk, or in this case, anchored to trees, benches, bus shelters or any municipal property, the authorities will immobilise and seize the vehicle and issue the corresponding sanction.”