15th Jul 2020 @ 10:56 am

July 2020

The big question this month is how many tourists will be able to visit once again and enjoy the sunshine? Of course, with the new precautions on the beaches and in the resorts it will be a little different, but I am hopeful we can all abide by the rules and stay safe.

At least we can rely on the consistent weather – July days are always lovely here: dry and warm, with 14 hours of daylight and at least 9 hours of sunshine, they make for the perfect holiday weather. We have already seen a calima in June, as we did last year, with temperatures around 30 degrees as the hot, dry air comes off the coast of Africa bringing with it Saharan dust and sand.

Last year saw a cloudy start to the month, although temperatures soon got up to 30 degrees and combined with a UV of 10 or 11 it was a lovely heatwave lasting into August. The UK and Europe also saw some of that same heatwave as the jet stream carried the air over.

Summer festivals have sadly been suspended, but there’s a chance of some unofficial events taking place . With the weather being so glorious the beaches are likely to continue to be packed with locals, and markets are slowly coming back. Even with social distancing and masks at the ready. theres’ plenty of hope.

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