17th Sep 2022 @ 8:35 am

Canal Gestión is finalising an agreement to guarantee electricity supply to its desalination plants. The contract could last for up to five years, with a budget of €79.5 million for that period.

Energy for the desalination plants is supplied by Endesa, operator of the power station at Las Caletas, near the plant of Canal Gestión Lanzarote. The contribution of electricity is guaranteed until the new contract is finalized.

As water is considered an essential service, electricity supply for desalination is guaranteed by law. A few years ago, this law forced Endesa to continue providing energy to the previous water supplier Inalsa, despite a debt of several million euros that it had with the company that supplied the electricity.

The current state of the water system also means that the new contract will guarantee that millions is spent on processing water that will be wasted. Over half of water produced on Lanzarote is lost to leaks or fraud.

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