2nd Sep 2023 @ 8:22 am

The Cabildo has announced a project to restore and protect areas of the Natural Park of Volcanoes.

While unauthorised walking in the National Park of Timanfaya is strictly prohibited, less strict rules apply in the Natural Park of the Volcanoes, a much larger area that surrounds Timanfaya. While the area is deliberately not publicised as a tourist attraction, locals have long enjoyed the wild, desolate landscapes on the fringes of the Timanfaya National Park. 

Action will be taken to protect the Volcán del Cuervo, Caldera Colorada, Caldera Blanca, La Caldereta, Montaña Ortiz, El Señalo, La Rilla, Pico Partido, El Golfo, Montaña Bermeja and Tingafa.

Among the actions taken will be “the elimination of certain footpaths, the installation of fences,  the restoration of areas affected by human activity, cleaning, signage warning of the regulations and the control of invasive species in the area.”

Established routes, such as the path to the Volcán del Cuervo (pictured)  or to the Caldera de Montana Blanca are likely to remain and be restored.   

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