25th Feb 2021 @ 10:11 am

Lanzarote vaccinated the highest amount of residents in a single day yesterday, administering 1,067 jabs  across the island.

847 of these were first doses of the Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine, 816 of which were issued to people over the age of 80. Until the arrival of other vaccines, this is the only vaccine that will be issued to this age group, as Spain has banned the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for the over-55s due to insufficient test data on that age group.

18 more Pfizer jabs were given to residents in hospitals and frontline health workers, while 123 more were given to professionals such as dentists, who work with patients without masks for prolonged periods.

180 Oxford-AstraZeneca jabs were given, 25 to health workers, physiotherapists, prison officers and chemists shop staff; the other 155 to police and other security agents.

The vaccination programme is going very well on the Canaries, with over 50,000 islanders having received both doses of the vaccine. This means the Canaries is the only region in Spain with more people vaccinated than have suffered from the virus (40,000). Vaccine refusal hardly exists and the Canarian Health Service estimates that 0.5-1% of candidates refuse the jab.

Lanzarote suffered an increase in new cases yesterday,with 29 positive tests. It is still far too early to say whether this is a trend, and there is no information as to the source of the new cases, but Lanzarote remains well within the parameters to enter Level 3 next week.

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