7th Apr 2020 @ 9:25 am

Fancy a twilight trip to one of Lanzarote’s most historic and dramatically-located buildings?

The Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism on Lanzarote have just published a virtual 3D tour of the Castillo de San José /MIAC, allowing anyone to access this fascinating building without leaving home.

The tour allows you to explore the 18th century castle that was once known as the “fortress of hunger”, as it was built during a time of famine and poverty. Overlooking Puerto Naos, which was once raided by Sir Walter Raleigh, the castle also offers spectacular views of Lanzarote’s most important commercial port.

The castle is also home to the Museum of International and Contemporary Art, and the virtual tour gives you the perfect opportunity to find out more about each work in this unique collection of abstract 20th century art, which features world-famous names such as Tapies, Joan Miró and Eusebio Sempere as well as Lanzarote artists such as César Manrique and Pancho Lasso.

You can even visit the restaurant! However, as it’s a virtual visit you’ll have to make your own drinks and food.

To start your trip, just click here.