19th Dec 2021 @ 10:19 am

Spain’s President, Pedro Sánchez, has called a meeting with presidents of the regions in order to confront the new wave of coronavirus infections. .

The meeting, which will take place on Wednesday or Thursday, will be to discuss how to tackle a health situation that the government describes as “concerning, but not alarming.

Until now, each region has been permitted to lay down its own rules, which have varied widely across the country. However, new national measures are likely to be discussed at the meeting.

Spain’s government continues to trust in the vaccine programme, and there have been no suggestions of closing borders, restricting travel within Spain or curfews and closures, such as have been seen in the virtual lockdown that will start today in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the Spanish government will be watching other developments closely.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Carolina Darias repeated the importance of vaccination and urged the regions to step up their campaigns, especially among children and the over-60s.  Speaking on a visit to a vaccination centre in Tenerife, where cases have shot up dramatically in recent weeks, Darias said “We know that vaccines work, that vaccines save lives, and that vaccines will make the difference.”

Darias remarked that she’d seen behaviour that was “not acceptable” on her visit to Tenerife and reminded people of the need to follow simple measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing. “It doesn’t matter which letter of the alphabet the variant is,” she said, “If we protect ourselves, we can confront it.”   

Lanzarote registered another record of 82 cases of Covid yesterday. However, the hospital still has only two patients on the Covid ward. 

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