21st Apr 2023 @ 8:29 am

Spain’s parliament yesterday amended the “Only Yes is Yes” law on sexual assault after a loophole had caused the early release of more than 100 sex offenders.

The law, introduced last October, attempted to remove the necessity for physical violence and aggression to be proved in rape cases, and introduce a requirement for explicit consent.

However, the reclassification all cases as “sexual assault” led to a loophole where convicted criminals were able to appeal for a reduction in sentences they were serving. Over 100 convicted criminals have so far been released early, nad Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has been forced to apologise.

Yesterday, the Spanish Socialist party voted to amend the law it had introduced last year, with the support of the opposition PP.  The vote caused conflict within the ruling coalition, with the United Podemos party, who were strong proponents of the bill, fearing that the strict requirement for explicit consent within sexual relations no longer stands.

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