11th Mar 2022 @ 1:41 pm

At SARA Animal Shelter they call them the invisibles. Their wagging tails and hopeful meows clearly show they want a chance at a loving home, but sadly, due to their size, age or disability they are bypassed time and time again.

Written by Justin Kerswell, SARA volunteer photographer.

We want people to reconsider. Giving a home to a previously overlooked animal is one the most rewarding things you can do. Here are some of The Invisibles that struggle to find homes through no fault of their own:


PPP translates as ‘potentially dangerous dogs’ and refers to breeds such as Pitbulls and Staffies which require a licence and must have insurance. While these rules have been implemented with safety in mind, many feel they unfairly stigmatise certain breeds – and they certainly hamper potential adoptions. Whilst SARA can’t do the licence application for people, they are more than happy to give advice (and have English speaking staff). They have helped many people successfully obtain licences and give these very deserving dogs a loving home.


SARA offers a permanent fostering scheme for a limited number of animals that would struggle to find homes otherwise – often the most senior animals. People understandably worry about the financial implications of adopting an older dog or cat. Vet bills on. Lanzarote tend to be cheaper than in the UK, but can quickly add up. An animal on the PAP scheme can be brought for treatment by SARA’s own vet. As well as older animals, those with disabilities or special needs that can be covered by the scheme. A list of which animals are on the PAP scheme is available on the SARA website.

Black cats

Whilst in other countries black cats are viewed as lucky, here in Spain sadly that isn’t the case and superstition clearly plays a part in the fact that they make up almost a third of all cats in shelters. However, anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing their home with these mini-panthers knows just how special they are. I personally always adopt black cats when I get the chance!

SARA also has special housing for cats that are positive for feline leukaemia or FIV. Obviously, these cats cannot be allowed outside because of the danger of infecting others, but can – and do – live full and happy lives as lone animals or with others with the same condition.

If you think you could help the Invisibles get seen by adopting, fostering or helping in other ways SARA would love to hear from you. Even if you can’t help physically you can still provide support in other ways such as sponsoring a cat or dog from afar or becoming a SARA supporter for a much needed monthly donation. All information (in English) is available at saraprotectora.org or speak to someone directly on (+34) 928 17 34 17. You can also email at info@sara-lanzarote.eu.

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