8th Jan 2020 @ 11:31 am

Regulations governing electric scooter use have, up to now, been left to local councils – who have responded in all sorts of different ways.

However, Spain’s traffic department the DGT has just published provisional guidelines aimed at scooter users, police and councils, until a more comprehensive, EU-compliant law is approved. Electric scooters are defined as personal mobility vehicles and, like any other vehicle users, scooter riders will be forbidden to operate their vehicles while drunk, while wearing headphones or while using a mobile phone.

Driving electric scooters on pavements or pedestrian areas will be forbidden, as will more than one person using a scooter. The requirement for helmets and the rules for parking or leaving scooters in public spaces will be left to the local council.

Although not yet officially law, the DGT guidelines will have the same legal force as any other element of the nation’s Highway Code.