21st Jan 2024 @ 9:52 am

The Canarian Government has declared a pre-alert for rough seas in the Canaries. The warning started at 9 am this morning.

The alert has been extended to all islands, although conditions are expected to affect the western isles worst of all. The official weather forecast predicts “northeast winds of force 5 – 6 (30 – 50 km/h) with extensive areas of force 7 (50 – 60 km/h) on the open seas. Strong swell with areas of rough sea offshore and northwest swell of 1 – 2 m. Combined sea waves of 2 – 3 m.”

The General Directorate of Emergencies advises the following:

  • Do not stand at the end of docks or breakwaters, nor risk taking photographs or videos near where the waves break.
  • Avoid fishing in risk areas.
  • Do not drive vehicles on roads near the beach line.
  • Never swim in secluded beaches or ones you don’t know well.
  • Avoid bathing on red flag beaches; in areas where there are strong waves and surf or that lack surveillance and rescue services.
  • Avoid water-based sports and activities in areas affected by swells and do not camp on the beach when there is a storm warning.
  • If you have a boat, try to secure its mooring in a sheltered place.
  • If you see other people in dangerous places, warn them of the danger.
  • If you fall into the water, swim away from where the waves break, call for help and wait to be rescued.
  • If you try to get out and are swept away by the waves, try to calm down; Don’t swim against the current and let yourself go. Generally, coastal currents lose intensity in other sections and that is when you should swim.
  • If you are on land and see that someone has fallen into the water, throw them a rope with a float, or any other object they can hold on to. Immediately notify 1-1-2.

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