4th Oct 2023 @ 9:00 am

Lanzarote used more energy in August this year than in any other month in recorded history, according to the Canarian institute of Statistics.

81,139.8 Megawatt hours were consumed in August, breaking an 80,000 barrier that had never before been reached.

The figure is hardly surprising considering that August also broke all-time records for tourist occupation and was the hottest month experienced on Lanzarote. However, it also confirms that Lanzarote energy utility is working at maximum capacity.

See the full report from the Canarian Institute of Statistics here: https://www3.gobiernodecanarias.org/istac/statistical-visualizer/visualizer/data.html?resourceType=dataset&agencyId=ISTAC&resourceId=C00022A_000004&version=~latest

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